Graham Hancock: The Case for Ayahuasca

“It tastes absolutely disgusting. It is hard to imagine a more horrific and unpleasant taste. And…you have to brace yourself, physically and mentally, before pouring this beverage down your throat.”

With these words of wisdom, Graham Hancock–author and spiritual investigator–describes his experience with ayahuasca and moves forward to make a case for ayahuasca.

“Within about half an hour to an hour of drinking the brew, most of us start to feel pretty ill. You’re vomiting. You have diarrhea. It’s a most physically and most uncomfortably ordeal that you have to go through before the powerful visionary effects begin to take place.” –Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock, in this video interview, discusses the effects of ayahuasca, amazonian shamanic beliefs surrounding the ayahuasca experience–including the belief that an intelligent entity, a spirit-being lies behind ayahuasca…

“And that she [the spirit-being Ayahuasca], and they always regard her as a female presence…that her business is the planet and the betterment of human beings…this is what they believe in the Amazon”–Graham Hancock

Furthermore, Mr. Hancock explains, ayahuasca serves as a tool to show you your life and why you behave they ways that you do, in a way ayahuasca treatment; ayahuasca can reveal the ego, the anger, the pride, and the arrogance of your own personality–becoming aware of these toxic attributes, ayahuasca can serve to catalyze your transformation toward a better self, toward being a better human being.

It is ayahuasca as a tool for personal development that serves best to bolster the case for ayahuasca.

Additionally, Hancock argues that, if you are creative, ayahuasca will enhance your creativity, especially in the field of visionary art; some examples where ayahuasca has directly influenced the creative output of artists include: Alex Grey, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman.

Graham Hancock would like to live in a society where people are free to drink ayahuasca, if they choose–stating:

“I’m trying to be a better person because of ayahuasca. It has shown me serious faults in my personality. I regard them as serious, which need to be fixed…I’m grateful to ayahuasca for showing me where I’ve been doing things wrong.”

That folks, from the view of us here at ayahuasca recipe, is a compelling argument making the case for ayahuasca. Watch the video above for the Hancock’s full interview.

The Case for Ayahuasca Graham Hancock

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