Ayahuasca and the Fight for Psychedelic Consciousness

“If you can’t see it then, you’ll never know it. I feel sorry for you.”

The fight for psychedelic consciousness has been an ongoing battle in the Western World for ages. A recent event highlighting the oppression of psychedelic consciousness is the TEDx censoring of Graham Hancock’s ayahuasca talk.

Yet, as you will see from the video below, there has been massive oppression of psychedelic consciousness for decades–if not ages.

Find out the details of how psychedelic consciousness can be utilized to enhance the world in the video below.

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Ayahuasca Experience and the War on Consciousness

Graham Hancock goes in-depth talking about how an Ayahuasca experience served to catalyze the end of his marijuana use.

100,000 years ago, Hancock argues, we became fully symbolic creatures and that–at this time in history–we can see the emergence of cave art throughout the world.

In parallel with this, Hancock claims, there is much evidence connecting the change in our species to being symbolic-beings and the emergence of human’s interrelation to the consumption of entheogenic plants Continue reading

Graham Hancock: The Case for Ayahuasca

“It tastes absolutely disgusting. It is hard to imagine a more horrific and unpleasant taste. And…you have to brace yourself, physically and mentally, before pouring this beverage down your throat.”

With these words of wisdom, Graham Hancock–author and spiritual investigator–describes his experience with ayahuasca and moves forward to make a case for ayahuasca.

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