Ayahuasca Transforms Life of Young Actress

From the Amazon in Peru, amidst the bugs, Taylor Marie explains how her last few months in Peru have been extremely different than all her past because of the way ayahuasca has transformed her life.

Ms. Marie looks-out for snakes as she speaks. She explains that the purpose of this video is to go along with the first video where she talked about her life changing experience with Ayahuasca. In this video we come to understand Ms. Marie’s perspective and the details about her ayahuasca journey that was so life changing.

Taylor Marie drank ayahuasca for her  first time in Ecuador at an Ayahuasca Center.

The effects were really strong and she recounts that she experienced hallucinogenic swirls and colors. Her body was very tingly and then she started to see huge bugs crawling across her vision. She felt her body taken over by the Ayahuasca and it told her to stand up and walk outside. She felt strange as she walked.

“I kind of felt like the way I was walking was like was like an animal or some kind of creature which was really interesting.”

Everything was made out of geometrical patterns and designs. They were really brightly colored. She says the ayahuasca led her to a tree. Touching the tree with her forehead she felt love wash over her and cried. She felt love for everything and everyone.

Ayahuasca Transformation

Taylor Marie Talks about Ayahuasca–her 1st life-changing experience explained

Then the Ayahuasca took her over to a clearing and she could see all the stars. She felt like her body was taken over as her hands came to prayer position and she was brought down to kneel. She was praying and she said that is not in character for her. Taylor explains that the words she spoke didn’t do anything–she saw justice.

“I felt all this love, not just for the tree, but for everything, nature, stranger, the whole universe, I felt this love for everything and everybody and myself too. It was one of the most amazing things of my life.”

A couple of her visions were vivid. One of them was a vision of her face growing in with a tree, and the message she got was to love herself and her face.

She also transformed into a bird and started flapping her arms and felt like she was flying. She is starting to think the bird is her spirit animal. During another part she started saying things in a high pitched voice and she felt someone was talking for her. In Peru she is still doing Ayahuasca and says she continues to learn from it.

Catch Taylor Marie gushing about how ayahuasca has changed her life–how ayahuasca transforms the life path of this young actress in the video below:


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