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In recent years there has been a surge of interest from individuals in the Western World–mostly people from the United States, Australia, Japan, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and England–toward the subject of South American shamanism and, specifically, shamans that would be more correctly termed ayahuasceros, or those individuals skilled in the administration and preparation of the ayahuasca brew.

Because of this intense interest and money being spent to satiate curiosity, fulfill a step on a bigger quest, or a alternative route (alternative to Western Medicine) to healing, the entity of the Ayahuasca Center has emerged.

We only list Ayahuasca Centers and facilitators that we have direct links to–via participating in their ceremonies and verified reports from people we know that have had a good experience there. The Ayahuasca Centers and facilitators listed here have demonstrated consistent service to the plant over time. is currently in beta, development phase, this page is a work in progress at the moment. Yet, below you will find a small collection of affordable individuals and retreats, where you can experience ayahuasca safely. has spoken with and/or participated in ceremonies with the individuals/retreat centers listed below. At the moment, our experience and research has been limited to Peru. Opportunities in other countries are coming soon. Stay tuned.

If you are fortunate enough to be traveling to South America, is currently building a directory of reputable ayahuasceros and ayahuasca retreat centers in South America, the directory will be available on this site for free via a .pdf download. If you would like to review a retreat center or you are associated with a retreat center and would like to have your  facility considered for inclusion  in our directory, please send an inquiry via the form available here, Contact Us.

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Depending on the lineage of the shaman or healer and the intent of those participating in the ceremony, the ayahuasca recipe may contain adjuncts.

Current Shortlist of Affordable Ayahuasca Retreats & Ceremonies

Pullcalpa, Peru

Ceremonies with Lucho Romero


Contact here:

Phone: +51 42 942 314 050 (outside Peru) or 942 314 050 (from within Peru)

“A ceremony with a purgante or preparatory drink beforehand is US$80.

The purgante is really no fun so if you can get your diet correct for about a week beforehand with no pork, no hot chilis, and no alcohol then you can skip the purgante and enjoy something nicer to prepare your body for the ceremony.

Get in touch to we can coordinate schedules.”

Video about the ceremonies here:


Pullcalpa, Peru

These ceremonies are in San Jose, 26km outside of Pullcalpa, costing about US$20 per a single ceremony.

Ceremonies with Don Marcial


Contact email: (grandson checks weekly)

Contact email: (son’s address, checked weekly)

Phone numbers, all within Peru: 061 788 754 (direct to house) or 09 6190 1114 (cell phone) and 09 6172 2277 (grandson’s cell phone)


Iquitos, Peru

Ceremonies taking place on Tuesday and Thursday nights every week for about 100 Peruvian Soles per session (about USD$35.00).

Ceremonies with the famous and highly respected Ron Wheeloch, commonly known as “the Gringo Shaman“, this is the most recommended ayahuascero for English only speakers who are venturing into the world of ayahuasca for the first time. Why? Because, Ron is ‘the real deal’ and he, understanding the Western world and an adept in Peruvian and Ayahuasca world, serves to bridge the cultural gap. Also for, those experienced in ayahuasca, the Gringo Shaman is guaranteed to bring you to realms beyond those you have encountered with other ayahuasceros. See below for a video backgrounder on about the Gringo Shaman of the Amazon. We also have a write-up on Bajaverde’s experience with the Gringo Shaman, here, Zen Sarcasms: Hallucinations for Christmas.


Contact email:

Phone: 965 761 626 (from within Peru) or +51 42 965 761 626 (outside Peru)


Cusco Area, Peru


Ayahuasca Wasi

Ayahuasca Wasi’s ceremony room, Cusco area, Peru.





Spiritual healing center in Cusco (Peru). Ayahuasca retreats, ayahuasca tea ceremonies, medicine songs, icaros and experience with shamanic plants.

We have an ayahuasca experience trip report reviewing Ayahuasca-Wasi click here.

The website with details about this center is:

Phone: (+51) 984.603.603 (Cusco), facilitator Diego Palma ૐ

Here is a video with further information about the Ayahuasca-Wasi Retreat Center:


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