Ayahuasca and the Fight for Psychedelic Consciousness

“If you can’t see it then, you’ll never know it. I feel sorry for you.”

The fight for psychedelic consciousness has been an ongoing battle in the Western World for ages. A recent event highlighting the oppression of psychedelic consciousness is the TEDx censoring of Graham Hancock’s ayahuasca talk.

Yet, as you will see from the video below, there has been massive oppression of psychedelic consciousness for decades–if not ages.

Find out the details of how psychedelic consciousness can be utilized to enhance the world in the video below.


While watching the video on Psychedelics and Consciousness you will learn how scientists tried to come to an understanding as to how LSD actually works.

They believed that even though the drug caused people to hallucinate, that with proper guidance and structure while under the influence, people could focus much better on problem solving.

(Such ideas are one of the cornerstones of the reasons behind using the medicine, ayahuasca, under the guidance of a shaman.)

They gave a group of lead Scientists a trip, but were told they must work on work issues that had been bothering them for months. James Fadiman, PhD, is quoted in saying:

“The end result of the session was: patents issued, products built, theories extended and improved and papers written. And more importantly for weeks after their productivity and creativity was up.”

The video also goes into detail on how Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Dr. Kary Mullis won the prize for inventing PCR–which he states that he probably never would have invented PCR without having had the LSD experience.

PCR is very important in the DNA community. He credits creative breakthrough to his findings to LSD. Jason Silva from We Are The Gods Now, spoke in 2012 about LSD and is quoted in saying that:

“It’s not that psychedelics manufacture wonderment, or that they can automatically make us more imaginative beings, but what psychedelics do is pulls us so radically out of our comfort zones they de-condition our thinking; They thrust us out of everything we thought we knew in the world in order to see things as if it were for the first time and form new synaptic connections”

Overall, the video is really touching base on how LSD may not be all bad, and that it in fact may have some place in our world as a good thing if we were able to properly use it and maintain our behavior while taking it. Having that amount of creativity and clear thinking brings about a completely new way of how to work, play and live.


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