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Ayahuasca Recipe

Your source for information about the ayahuasca vine and ayahuasca recipe ingredients.

AyahuascaRecipe.org also showcases details about various ayahuasca retreats and individual accounts of mind-bending ayahuasca experiences.

Our team is in the process of building a resource to clear the air concerning the various names such as ayawaska, iowaska, yage and yaje that all refer, basically, to the same plant and concoctions brewed that include the Banisteriopsis caapi vine .

Additionally, we are curating the webs best collection of Ayahuasca related videos and some of our team members are even busy out in the field documenting, on video, ayahuasca and shaman related culture and practices–the videos, mostly filmed in Peru, will be available as they are edited.

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We believe there is no authority but self, and–therefore–it is in your best interest to self-educate and wake-up your mind to uncover your own personal insights based on individual research, critical analysis, and personal experience.

When push comes to shove, it’s you who makes the choices, and you are solely responsible for the outcomes you experience in your life.

Check out books, talk to people, glean knowledge from video media, read and asks questions on forums, travel deeply.

Yet, remember, in the end–nothing can replace experience; but, experience informed by available known collected knowledge will ensure the best outcomes and bring confidence to informed decision.

Ayahuasca is holy!